• Military Affairs Committee (MAC)

    The Military Affairs Committee (MAC) of the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce has earned an outstanding reputation of support for our military members and issues at Eglin AFB, Duke Field, Hurlburt Field, the US Navy EOD School, and the US Army Ranger Camp. The relationships that have been forged strengthen the ties between the civilian and military communities and the Crestview area has become 'home' both temporarily and permanently to many of our military friends because of this.

    Members are required to pay annual dues and bear all expenses of activities and events, so you know the members are truly dedicated. Members are also required to attend at least three business meetings, held on the second Tuesday of every month, and at least two military functions during the course of the chamber year.

    One of the primary military support activities is the cash award program to the outstanding enlisted troops at the Quarterly and Annual Awards ceremonies at Eglin, Hurlburt, and Duke. MAC also contributes to military events such as the Defenders Challenge, Peacekeepers, and other competitions. Cash and in-kind support has also been given to the AF Enlisted Widows Home Foundation (Bob Hope Village and Teresa Village).

    For their support and contribution, MAC members enjoy many military events such as change of command and retirement ceremonies and dinners, base tours and special events, civic leaders dinners, and educational programs. Special treats are civic leader tours to other bases around the country and even defense contractor facilities. About twelve of our past and current members have also had the privilege of a year's tour as an Honorary Squadron Commander in the 33rd Fighter Wing.

    The Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee takes great pride in serving our chamber, our community, and our United States military.

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