• Government Issues Committee


    The eyes and ears of the Chamber of Commerce for local, state, national legislative issues, laws and ordinance that directly or indirectly affects or restricts the ability of our members or a member to conduct business. This committee will recommend policy positions to the Executive Officers and subsequently to the Board of Directors as necessary. They may also sponsor candidate forums and/or meetings with elected officials and will, on occasion, attend city council and county commissioner meetings.





    RESOLUTION 2015-01


    WHERE AS The Board of Directors of the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the importance of an adequate infrastructure to the sustained prosperity and growth of businesses in the Crestview area.

    WHERE AS  we encourage our local, county, and state officials to maximize efforts to improve and expand the major thoroughfares in north Okaloosa County to include specific actions and practical time tables. 

    WHERE AS the continued growth of the North Okaloosa business community is dependent on improved transportation through enhancing current roadways and seeking immediate relief of traffic congestion. 

    WHERE AS Crestview and the surrounding areas continue to grow, our current infrastructure needs will only increase.

    WHERE AS in addition, by acting now, there will be a cost savings in labor, materials, and interest rates.

    THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED as members of our business community, the Government Issues Committee, and the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are committed to the task of keeping this issue in the forefront of both our local government and our community.